Our world today is a tapestry of a series of challenges that have been overcome by us, as a species, each step leading to a better quality of life for the world, for instance: the invention of the wheel, the conception of the light bulb- extending illumination into nighttime, vaccinations against disease.
In a similar vein, shortages in food, and providing access to healthy food across the world, are simply hurdles that need to be addressed to get to the next level: a greener, better future.
Our vision at Blu Cocoon Digital is simple: we envision a world where lack of food is history, and every person can afford, and easily access good quality food, where wastage is reduced, and operations are carried out in a way that is sensitive and responsible towards the future of this planet.


Technology has changed the very fabric of how the world operates. We are on a mission to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and digital throughout the food ecosystem. Envisioning a world where sustainably produced, healthy, affordable food is accessible to all, we offer solutions that bring in the power of AI into the food value chain. We are on an unstoppable mission to develop a range of services and products, in essence, bringing our goals and visions to fruition.

Leadership Team

Shantanu Bhattacharya

Founder, CEO

Shantanu brings in 25+ years of industry experience, having handled multiple roles in various capacities of SBU management, strategy, business development, and alliances management. He has held diverse leadership roles in reputed organizations building business models. Shantanu is a mechanical engineer, with management certifications from IIM Lucknow and ICFAI and he is also certified in Law. Over the years he has associated himself with many social causes focused on healthcare for elderly people, as well as education for girl children, and remains an active member of an NGO as well. 

Srabani Bhattacharya


Srabani has more than 15 years of Corporate Sales & Communications experience with expertise in the Banking & Insurance domain, with specialization in public relations & mathematics. She has been instrumental in building the family atmosphere amongst the BCD team during its initial stages. 

Souvik Debnath

Co-Founder, CTO

Souvik Debnath brings 20+ years of experience in the Financial Service sectors (Insurance and Banking) and various initiatives through Information Technology. Currently, he is directing his efforts on understanding the evolution of AI and ML and its trajectory, and he’s leading his team with his deeply held tenets on collaboration and teamwork as the catalyst for success.

Karabi Bharadwaj

Associate Vice President- Program Management

Karabi Bharadwaj is a seasoned project management professional with more than 16 years of experience in managing multi-million-dollar projects and programs in Information Technology. Prior to her current role as AVP of program delivery at Blu Cocoon Digital, Karabi led large multi-year contractual engagements for Microsoft. She made significant contributions in providing leadership, to manage project delivery in Brainwave Applications and Rebaca Technologies, both prominent IT companies in India. She has a proven track record of managing large complex transformation and transition projects in Technology for various industry verticals including news & media, FMCG, manufacturing, banks, petroleum, and energy. Karabi’s expertise extends beyond project management, as she has served as a Blue Core Coach in IBM, providing coaching services to leadership, and was also a part of the L&D team at Microsoft.