Digital Services

The expertise we offer covers a wide range of services, from digital strategies, managed services to customised applications. Whether it is in agriculture, process manufacturing or food logistics, find solutions to optimise, enhance and streamline every aspect of your business at Blu Cocoon Digital.


Our capabilities include design, creation, deployment, and maintenance of software applications from scratch to address specific needs within a team or an organization.

App development: Our services help meet unique requirements at a cost competitive with purchasing, maintaining, and modifying commercial software.

App migration: Seamlessly move applications to the Cloud or between environments, offering you more power regarding costs and scalability as per your organization’s requirements.

App modernization: Our services help ensure that your business leverages the latest software to reduce expenses and increase flexibility.

Custom AI model development

We understand that different organizations face different challenges. That is why our AI based solutions are tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

Efficiency and Scalability: Customised solutions offer more efficiency and scalability, with an eye to the future of the organization.

Easy integration into desired environments: Custom applications offer the ease of integration within desired environments.

Flexibility: Typical drawbacks of commercial software solutions can be subverted and allows you the freedom to license or sell the software in the future.

Managed Services

As applications grow in accordance with businesses, the maintenance of software, in terms of security, bug fixes, or general maintenance can be outsourced to us

Custom AI models: Customised solutions offer more efficiency and scalability, with an eye to the future of the organization.

Customer owned AI models: The platform we develop is completely owned by the customer, allowing our clients maximum flexibility and ease.

Cloud deployment: our applications can be operated in the cloud, thereby providing you maximum leverage and ease of scalability as the organization grows.

Outsource maintenance: Delegate the maintenance responsibilities and improve internal efficiency and user satisfaction.

Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy solutions help businesses create a digital roadmap towards achieving the overarching goals of the organization. In a comprehensive manner, we analyze the strategies of the different arms of the business operations, and devise holistic strategies to synergize the goals of individual departments, with the enterprise strategy. Through the deployment of digital projects, we combine the art of building a digital strategy with the science of ensuring value creation that is reflected in optimized business outcomes.

Improve customer experience and profits: Adopting digital strategies ultimately streamlines user experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, translating into profits.

Increased scalability: Digital operations offer the advantage of flexibility, as businesses grow and expand.

Streamlined operations within businesses: Allow collaboration and seamless operations between different wings of the business through digital strategies.